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                     Educational Workshops with the Triathlete in Mind


It's Educational Workshop time! Here is a list of mini-classes I am planning to teach during the months of October-November. All workshops are $20.00 per person per class.

     **Minimum number of attendees to run a class is: 5 (so bring a friend!).

     **Sign up for all 4 and get $10.00 back at the 4th class.


     You may pay for each class using the PayPal link on this site. Click on the 'PayPal link above', Choose Option 1, 2, or 3 

(depending on # of workshops attending) and Payment Plan 'Workshops'

1). Sports Psychology for the Triathlete - what is keeping your from breaking through and achieving optimal performance?

   You've done the training and you're feeling fit, you've gone over race strategy in your head, you're dialied into your equipment, so why can't you break through to the next level? This workshop will take you through the steps of understanding the importance of 'training' the mental aspect of your triathlon - and tapping into finding your personal 'Zone'. Bring a pen - during the workshop you will be participating by doing thoughtful exercises that dig deep into your psyche as to some contributing factors that keep you from reaching your full athletic potential! 

                WHEN: Tuesday October 13th from 6:30-8PM 

                RSVP on the Need to Meet Link:

                Location: 14 Stone Edge Road, Bedminster, NJ  07921

2). Resistance Training: Important for the Multi-sport Athlete - the why's, what's, and how's of applying it into your training program.

         Develop a basic understanding of the difference between dynamic exercises, functional training, and resistance training  and how each one can enhance an athlete's performance. Bring your workout clothes to practice the exercises being discussed!

               WHEN: Tuesday November 10th from 6:30-8PM (Location TBD)

               RSVP: on the Need to Meet Link:

               Location: TBD

3). Basic Nutrition Fundamentals for the Multi-Sport Athlete;

        Understand the basic concepts of nutrition and how it can be used to help your sports performance. Learn the difference between carbohydrates, proteins, and fats and how they are best used to provide energy during the workout and then recover and repair the body following training sessions.

                 WHEN: Tuesday November 17th

                 RSVP: on the Need to Meet Link:

                 Location: 14 Stone Edge Road, Bedminster, NJ  07921     

4). Understanding and Applying Appropriate Massage Therapy Techniques for Injury Prevention and Management, Pre- and Post Race Preparation and Recovery

       Check out these Youtube demonstrations to get started on the learning process:   and

     Learn the 5-basic massage therapy strokes and how each one of them can be applied to facilitate muscle repair, break up adhesions, rejuvenate sore muscles, invigorate lack luster tissues, and help bring your musculature back to a healthy state. 

                 WHEN: Friday November 20th (the Friday before Thanksgiving)

                 RSVP: on the Need to Meet Link:

                 Location: 14 Stone Edge Road, Bedminster, NJ  07921

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