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This page will be dedicated to swim tips, swim workouts, swim specific resistance training exercises or other swim related info that may be helpful to improve your triathlon water experience.                        

                               Check back often for new tidbits!





** NOTE: Swim workout efforts will be designated Easy (60-65%)/Mod (70-75%)/Fast (90-95%)**

This workout is a modified version from Shelia Taormina's 'Swim Speed Workouts'

Swim Workout #1 to develop baseline stroke count, stroke rate, build strength and work on the feel for the water.

WU: 500 free incorporating 2oo free, 50 kick, 100 free, 50 kick, 100 free

10 X 25 pull (Odds Easy; Evens Fast w/:5-10 secs rest)

100 Easy


Main: Take your stroke count for each round 

Have a piece of paper and pen to have a friend or coach count your stroke rate (Rounds 1, 3) and number of strokes (Rounds 2, 4). Hold onto this information as a starting point of reference to improve upon if needed.

                R1                    R2                  R3                    R4

Easy _________   _________   __________    __________

Mod _________   _________   __________    __________

Fast _________   _________   __________    __________


12 X 50 free (4 rounds of build: 50 easy, 50 mod, 50 fast) w/:15-30 rest

6 X 50 kick w/board Mod   

Sprint last 12.5 of each 50 100%

5 X 100 mod w/:05-15 secs rest


Drill Swim Set:


0:30 standing scull drill @:45

100 free build w/:10-20 secs rest

    beginning easy-mod-fast;



100 easy





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